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Skate to a million

Allstars set a huge target for Cardiff 2021!

With the recent news of Cardiff 2020 being postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it put a huge dent in our plans with fundraising ahead of Cardiff 2021. Since the UK Charity Allstars weekend begun in 2008, a total of £800,807.72 has been raised for numerous charities.

This is a huge amount and something none of us involved in the event thought would ever happen. To look back at 2008 when there was just £3000 raised to regularly passing the £100k barrier for the last few years. With 2020 set to be another record breaking year, we had plans ready for 2021 with the aim of hitting the £1million milestone.

When we announced the postponement of this years event, a total of £51,215.74 had been raised leaving us way off the milestone we had planned for 2021. With the time left in 2020 and the run up to next years event, we have a huge task of aiming to raise £199,192.28 to hit our £1million target.

This is a huge challenge for everyone involved to go above and beyond what we’ve ever raised before but we know when it comes to it, the milestone will be hit. With around 160 people raising funds for their chosen charities and the addition of the Barbarians this year, this gives even more people the opportunity to be a part of the Allstars in some capacity.

Do you want to be part of the group that hits the £1million mark? If you do, then get in touch with us and we’ll direct you to the team captains. You can drop us a message on Facebook/Twitter or Instagram. We hope you’re all keeping safe and well and we can’t wait to start cutting into this target we’ve set and look forward to catching up with you all in the near future.

UK Charity Allstars Committee

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