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Registration closes Friday

Registration closes Friday

If you'd like to take part in the #Sheffield18 Allstars weekend next July 28/29, time is running out! In a little over 48 hours, registration will close. Friday 8th December 5pm is the all important deadline to get your applications in, and you do this by filling in the application form HERE.

So far we have received over 180 responses for our 8 great causes, and we are delighted to see that nearly half of our applicants have stated our newest Charity, Mind, as one of their preferred teams for whom to raise funds.

The organising Committee will then have difficult decisions to make over who will Captain each of our teams, and the composition of each team.

We have a tradition of announcing the rosters on New Year's day, and that is something that will continue for #Sheffield18. Sadly not every application is successful, however each year some circumstances change and we need to replace several players. You have to have applied to be in with a chance.

So - if you haven't yet made up your mind, now is the time to apply!

Good luck, we hope to see you in #Sheffield18.

The Allstars.

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