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Pro Allstars jerseys unveiled for #Cardiff17

Pro Allstars jerseys unveiled for #Cardiff17

We are delighted to unveil the design of the jerseys for the Pro Allstars game, which will launch the #Cardiff17 weekend.

Fittingly for this event, the first of its kind to launch the UK Charity Allstars weekend, these jerseys are totally unique. The Colours reflect two of our three main logo colours as designed by limegreentangerine, our design partner. Our tenth anniversary limited edition jersey, revealed next week, is based on our third main colour (White).

Ian Cooper's Ice Hockey Players' Benevolent Fund team will ice in the Red jerseys, and Max Birbraer will lead his SCIPS team onto the ice in the blue version.

We'd like to thank Matt Rose for providing what we think are stunning designs, and Bayside Sports for their support in the production.

All Stars Front Blue.jpg

These jerseys, game worn, along with a few game issue ones, will go under the auction hammer in the bar following the game on Friday. They will also be available to bid online ahead of, and for a few days after the weekend, as we know we have Pro Allstars that have fans from other UK hockey Cities who may not be able to make the event.

This auction, and a shirt off his back on the night, will be the ONLY opportunity to obtain one of these desirable jerseys, and of course all monies go to the two great Charities supported by the game.

Allstar Chairman Paul Sullivan commented:

'We're thrilled with these jerseys. Rosie took our many comments and thoughts on board and has produced a jersey we hope anyone who gets one will be proud to wear or display.

All Stars Red Back.jpg

The central logo is perfect for a hockey uniform and the colours and design make it a very special piece of memorabilia indeed. 

It was important to us to have something that doesn't closely resemble any of the teams our supporters would usually follow, because we know how superstitious we all are, and we don't like wearing the colours of our rivals!

Of course we're also proud to display our support for the You Can Play Project, as announced last week, and we thank them for their support of our event also.'

All Stars Back Blue.jpg

For more on these jerseys please email info@ukcharityallstars.com and keep an eye on our website, twitter and facebook feeds leading up to the event.

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