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A message from Steve Baker

A message from Steve Baker

Badger beats the big one

Steve Baker is a well known figure in British Ice Hockey circles, and has for several years served as a hard working member of the UK Charity Allstars organising Committee.

Several months ago Steve announced that sadly he was going to take a step back from the Committee for personal reasons. We were all incredibly sad to see him go but of course family and health come first.

We have remained in touch with Steve since his leaving the Committee, and today we are delighted to be able to share some great news about our good friend, in the inimitable words of the man himself:

"Hi All , As you may have noticed I've not been around much on the Allstars page on facebook of late, and this is due to the fact that in late December I was going though a health decline and didn't now why.

After some blood tests etc it came to light and I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in its very early stages, and just 2 months ago I had an additional massive scare as I was also facing testicular cancer - so my whole life has flipped upside down!

But today, after 2 surgeries, lots of ultra-scans and many tests later I had the good news that I've been discharged from from hospital and given the all clear (pending a couple of scans and tests in 3 - 6 months).

Ive had to change my lifestyle and diet so fingers crossed I can say "I BEAT THIS  I would like to thank the Allstars Committee for their support and they have been behind me all the way through this.

So, just so as you all know this is my last Allstars as I'm hanging up my skates - so I hope to go out on a Record Breaking Year!

See you all in July x

Steve Baker #22"

The UK Charity Allstars extend our deep joy at hearing this news, and we know all our Allstars will look forward to sharing Steve's final weekend with him at #Cardiff17

Allstars Chairman Paul Sullivan said,

'Steve has not just been a valuable, committed and hard working member of the organising Committee - he has become a great friend to me and all of us, with his huge passion for our great causes, and his tireless work ethic - particularly on the weekend events themselves.

He has been very much missed on our conference calls and his input has always been practical and valuable.

I and all of the Committee will be delighted to see the Badger on the ice for #Cardiff17, and we know it will be a special time for Steve for sure.

What a warrior - we'll see you soon!'

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