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Limegreentangerine become official design partner of the UK Charity Allstars

Limegreentangerine become official design partner of the UK Charity Allstars

The UK Charity Allstars are delighted to welcome Limegreentangerine to the Allstars as our official design partner.

At the last weekend in 2016, the new Allstars branding, as seen on this site, was launched to a great reception. Following further discussions LGT Design kindly agreed to build and host our new website and be design partners for the Allstars' requirements, for which we all thank them.

Andy Rees, Creative Director of Limegreentangerine said,

"It’s an absolute privilege to be the design partner for the UK Charity Allstars. Limegreentangerine are huge fans of ice hockey and we aim to support a number of good causes each year so this is the perfect synergy. We look forward to helping make this year's event the most successful yet!"

LGT Design have a strong history in ice hockey, having been the design partner of The Cardiff Devils in the Elite Ice Hockey League for over 5 years. They have also supported other great causes and are an award winning design house. They also designed and built the latest FAW website which has received deserving praise for its ingenuity and style.
Allstars Chairman Paul Sullivan added:
'I have known and worked with LGT Design for all their time with the Devils and it's been a great relationship with passionate, talented people who care about their work, their clients, and giving something back. To have them not only re-brand the Allstars but be generous enough to build us a new website and more - I cannot thank them enough.
Our online presence has been a challenge for us in the last few years, and something we needed to improve on. This new online home gives us a fantastic platform to build on as we celebrate our tenth year.
The site is going to develop and improve - we haven't shown all our cards just yet - but the clean, contemporary and dynamic look LGT Design have given us is a wonderful birthday present.'
To see more of the brilliant work from Limegreentangerine, visit their website HERE
You can also follow them on twitter HERE
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