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Everything you need to know about tonight's Pro Allstars game

Everything you need to know about tonight's Pro Allstars game

Tonight the Pro Allstars game starts the #Cardiff17 UK Charity Allstars campaign as heroes past and present play an exhibition match at Ice Arena Wales.

Doors will open at 6:30, and the game itself faces off at 7:30.

The most important thing to know is that tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for kids, and they are available online HERE or from reception at Ice Arena Wales.

You can also buy your admission to the Allstars weekend tournament, being played from 12-7pm on Saturday and Sunday - that's £3 per day or £5 for the weekend for adults, with a suggested donation for under 16's.

Tonight Ian Cooper leads the team in the Red Jerseys, representing the Ice Hockey Players' Benevolent Fund, while Max Birbraer wears the 'C' for the team representing the SCIPS Charity (Cardiff UHW neonatal unit), in the Blue Jerseys.

There will be two periods of 'rolling clock' Hockey (this means we don't stop the clock for goals or other incidents, and each period is exactly 20 minutes long).

50/50 tickets will be on sale tonight, meaning you can raise money for our two great Charities. During the 1st intermission we will be focussing your attention on our 50/50 sales - but that's not all - you can also pick up one of our great White Allstars 10th Anniversary Jerseys as seen here, alongside the Pro Jerseys of Luke Piggott and Mark Richardson.


These Jerseys will be under auction in the bar following the game, or you can email a bid to info@UKcharityallstars.com. All Jerseys have a reserve price of £100. More info on the rosters, jerseys available and the auction is available HERE

You will also be able to pick up one of our great Allstars pucks for just £5.

In the second intermission there will be an official, sanctioned Guinness World record attempt. We will be trying to break an actual World Record, TONIGHT! We are hoping we can do this as rehearsals went well, but we'll need your support as Max Birbraer, Nicky Chinn, Steve Moria and Mark Richardson will each get a shot at the record. We're keeping the details quiet until tonight, so if you want to maybe witness some history, you need to be there!

Following the game there will be player signings, with Ian Cooper and Max Birbraer signing the awesome art by Stubob - these are also just £5


All the money from the Friday night goes to the IHPBF and SCIPS Charities, with the weekend's funds being divided between our 8 team's Charities. Should you want to make a donation direct you can do that HERE



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