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Enter the Barbarians

Enter the Barbarians

The Barbarians lace up for Cardiff 2020.

At the end of every year we are asked if we could look at any new charities that the All Stars could Support.  We have received interest from players who want to raise funds for:

Velindre Cancer Centre


Dementia UK

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


Fibromyalgia Support


Ovarian Cancer Action….Plus others

With the format of the weekend needing to be set it has been difficult in the past to implement any new team into the All Stars fold. The charities have been chosen due to the Players' stories and trying to help spread awareness and help them and their families. A huge part of the All Stars is not only the fundraising & raising awareness of the charities but helping those players and families.

The All Stars have been trying to help other deserving causes or people outside that core group so we have decided to implement a change for 2020 that we have been thinking off for a couple of seasons.

In a new and exciting development, this upcoming All Stars will see a new team take to the ice.

At Cardiff 2020 you will have the opportunity to play or be an off ice fundraiser for the All Star Barbarians.

The team will be made up from players who want to represent any charity of their choice outside the other seven teams. All we ask is that the charity is available on the Just Giving platform.

In achieving this we have had to take the difficult decision of changing a team from last year. 

The decision was made that we would be stepping down Blue Cross as that team. 

We would urge anyone who would still want to continue to raise funds and awareness for Blue Cross to apply for the Barbarians team.

We at the All Stars believe this is an exciting step forward and would like to thank Cross Check Clothing fortheir continued support and ability to provide the Ba-Baas jerseys to their usual high standards.

As the Cross Check gang say we are hoping this change will help us spread further #happinessandsmiles




We look forward to seeing the Barbarians take to the ice and the stands in July 2020.

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