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#Cardiff19 teams unveiled

#Cardiff19 teams unveiled

Today's the day! #Cardiff19 rosters revealed!

Following the biggest buzz in Allstars history, it gives us great pleasure to reveal the rosters for the 8 teams who will battle it out on the ice, and more importantly raise funds off it, for the 2019 UK Charity Allstars weekend in the Viola Arena, Cardiff next July 26th-28th.

The two teams for the Pro Allstars game, and the causes they will raise funds for, to be held on the Friday night, will be announced as players 'sign' up for it in the coming months.

We launched the 'off ice fundraiser' category last year and we are delighted to also list those who have requested to be a member of the team but who won't play, alongside their hockey playing Allstar colleagues.

If you didn't apply for registration but would still like to be an Allstar, please do consider being an off ice fundraiser for the Charity of your choice. The team will thank you for your support and you will definitely feel a sense of reward for being a part of an incredible effort for our worthy causes.

The Allstars organising Committee would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our eight fantastic Captains for their help, support and input into the event thus far. We are confident that this is the strongest group of leaders we have ever had and that they will drive us to the most successful weekend, and indeed year, of fundraising since our inception all those years ago in Sheffield.

To date, the Allstars have raised a staggering £567, 670 and our incredible fundraisers show no signs of slowing down yet.

Allstars Chairman Paul Sullivan said:

'This year's selection has been the most detailed, involved and informed process in Allstars history. Our Captains are crucial for our success and we have an amazing group of 8 leaders for our causes, who have helped and advised us expertly to arrive at these 8 final rosters.

We are expecting yet more huge surprises and results from Cardiff 19 following the incredible successes of the last two years in South Wales and we thank each and every Allstar, on and off the ice, for their ongoing support. Let's go!'


Allstars players & Off ice team members are as follows:


Blue Cross

Stephania Holmes Captain

Rhys Harry

Tom Martin

Richard Parker

Kirstie Davies

Dan Robertson

Sarah Mason

Melissa Hemming

Kieron Brady

Kenny Kerr

Jordan Gook

Ozzie Frith

Spike Butchart Brown-Leng

Steph Butchart Brown-Leng

Kim Logsden

Steve Bosworth

Mark Jenkins


Breast Cancer Care

Sam Phillips Captain

James Guest

Kevin Porter

Bex Harding Smith

Simon Phillips

Mike Fay

Dan Fay

Phil Teasedale

Steve Moria (aka 'Stevie Fever')

Joe Tomlinson

Claire Fay

Andy Barton

Janu Micalef

Lea Boultby

Heather Metcalfe

Chris Slack

Bethan Jones 


British Heart Foundation


Ioana Gagea Captain

David Grant

Richard Cartwright

Paul Hoskins

Gareh Dutton

Luke Becker

Suzi Grieve

David Eaton

Jay Whitehead

Bryan Leith

Liam Senior

Joe Wait

Andy Stafford

Jordan Phipps

Michael Henderson

Benno Thompson

Tamsin Ribton-Turner

Maureen Smyth - Off ice fundraiser


Dreams Come True


Ryan Davis Captain

Rob Pacey

Dan Jenkins

Chris Millar

Josh Leslie

Jason Bailey

Karl Robinson

Matt Hinds

Sam Hazeldine

Martyn Boston

Craig Poynter

Jordan Simpson

Jake Savage

Adam Bailey

Geraint Walters

Liam McSharry

Davy Brown

Robert Thorne – Off ice fundraiser


Help For Heroes


Karen Locke Captain

Alex Arnold

Neil Haddow

Jeff Coverdale

Rich Williams

Chris Willis

Tom Hill

Sally Williams

David Grindrod

Nathan Dewey

Reece Paul

Joe Power

Michael Clasper

Ste Daly

Tom Trower

Mike Smith

Pete Frith

Natalie Harness - Off ice fundraiser




Adam Clark Captain

Scott Naysmith

Gemma Davies

Tom Brown

Tom Walkeden

Amelia Lowe

James Morgan

Laura Dance

Stevie Adams

Craig Shearman

Brian McCallum

Paige Dance

Wez Spurrett

Phil Jones

Michael Harness

Ash Bolland

Will Fry


Prostate Cancer UK


Dan Langhorn Captain

Tim Coe

Rob Flint

Aaron Parsons

Steve Baker

Paul Braisby

Liam Clancy

Dan Perkins

Sarah Wear

Luke Cutforth

Orlando Beckett

Elliot Cox

Andy Davie

Gareth Smith

Ash Rose

Cam Blair

Andrew Crooks

Melissa Gannon – Off ice fundraiser

Steve Western – Off ice fundraiser

Hayley Roberts – Off ice fundraiser

Jonas Smith – Off Ice fundraiser



Ty Hafan


Lucas Howell Captain

David Paul

Evan Coles

Richard Hargreaves

Josh Cummings

Gareth Mason

Paul Packer

Steph Barker

James Pepper

Jon McCarthy

Adrian Smith

Ollie Hampson

Emma Adams

Liam Paget

Craig Webb

Matt Knight

James Davies

Gareth Hubback – Off ice fundraiser

Paul Sullivan – Off ice fundraiser

Leigh Wharron - Off ice fundraiser

Chris Edwards - Off ice fundraiser

Victoria Williams - Off ice fundraiser

Alun Hubback - Off ice fundraiser

Ellie Hoare - Off ice fundraiser

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