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#Cardiff17 through the eyes of Bryan Leith - 'My Allstars'

#Cardiff17 through the eyes of Bryan Leith - 'My Allstars'

Fundraising is going well! I'm doing a lot better than I expected, I've been running a bonus ball since February and that has raised over £2k that has been shared between my just giving and team mates. I've not got any other events planned as my bonus ball is doing so well but made it down to Sheffield for the BHF event in May. I'm hoping I can raise between £3k-£3.5k that will be distributed between my team mates so we all have a good amount raised. 

The reason I chose BHF was that a family member passed away in November from a heart attack and I'd like to try and make a difference

I only heard about the weekend around a year ago from my team mate David Paul who has been a part of it for a few years and I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of it so I set about annoying the life out of people to give me the best chance of being involved in this great event.

I'm excited to be playing in my first all stars as I love tournament hockey and I'm looking forward to meeting the BHF team in person as they have been very welcoming and made me feel right at home and as if I've known them for years. 

I currently play for Edinburgh Lions A team they take part in the Scottish plate and I really enjoy it, I've played ice hockey since I was 9 but gave up for 10 years and hadn't even pulled on a pair of skates again until July 2015!

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