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#Cardiff17 player Wez Spurrett talks us through his Allstars experience

#Cardiff17 player Wez Spurrett talks us through his Allstars experience

My fundraising has been going ok, It could always be better. I've done a few things for charity before but never with targets in mind so I’m trying to get the word out there as much as possible. 

The justgiving page makes it very easy to do so, its just hard getting money out of people these days!

There is me and another lad in work at this event so we’ve thought about doing some fancy dress days. I have been helping coach new kids and getting them onto the ice, so hoping to spread the word out that way too. 

I would like to achieve £600 by the weekend, although I feel it might be a stretch too far.

I cannot wait to play at #Cardiff17, it’s a real honour. I also cannot wait to play at Ice Arena Wales, and I have heard so many stories from last year and the friends that were made from it, so very much looking forward to that. I am friends with three lads that took part last year, and it looked so much fun I just had to get involved. 

I've been playing for 12 months now and have been lucky to be involved in a brand new team that played their first ever game a few weeks back, the Trafford Thunder, in addition to playing for the Altrincham Aces.

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