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The Allstars thank: The Captains

The Allstars thank: The Captains

Allstars Organisers give thanks to our Captains

The UK Charity Allstars organising Committee will this week be saying thank you to the people who help us stage the event in Sheffield this coming weekend.

Our first thanks goes to a phenomenal group of committed, passionate and tireless Allstars - our Captains.

Being chosen as the Captain of a Hockey Team is always an honour, and we know from the responses we get when we invite an Allstar to wear one of the 8 Charity team 'C's' that it is even more powerful when you have the responsibility of leading a team of volunteers to raise thousands of pounds for a worthy cause.

The organisers have seen, year on year, the importance of Captain selection being ever more crucial to the success of the event. With 136 players and 4 Committee members, we simply could not manage the tournament ourselves. 

The Allstars event rises or falls based on the work of these 8 folks. We can organise the venues, the fixtures, the off ice volunteers, officials and the all important party locations, but the Allstars isn't one weekend. It's a pub quiz, a raffle, an online sweepstake, a rickshaw in the Himalayas - yes, you read that correctly - it's sponsored walks, it's Scottish Tablet, and much more.

None of this happens in a vacuum and the relentless effort, passion and drive shown by our Captains has once again this year blown us away. Social media groups, team activities, support and encouragement for other teams' efforts and a general desire for the Allstars to do as much good for as many people as possible is something we have seen in spades from our Captains once again.

We have been told of examples of being an Allstar that have not only been enjoyable but have helped people with both their physical and mental health. This is an added benefit that we can only see when the Captains buy in 100% to the spirit of the Allstars and throw everything they have at their cause.

Chairman Paul Sullivan had this to say:

'Once again our Captains have, in hockey terms, roofed it top shelf. The fact that we have already raised more than any Allstars event previously held in Sheffield - before a raffle or entrance ticket has been sold or a puck dropped - is simply staggering. Our Captains' leadership has been at the very centre of this achievement as has their support from their hand picked Alternate Captains.

We lean on these 8 folks pretty hard. We ask a heck of a lot of them, and they have delivered. All the while keeping the efforts of their players spinning, and managing the many requests our newbies - and sometimes veteran Allstars! - have for them.

So from Gareth, David, Geraint and me - a huge thank you to all our Captains. We can't wait to see you all this weekend.'

#Sheffield18 Captains:

British Heart Foundation - Mat Gilday

Blue cross - Nicholla Vidler

Breast cancer  care- Sam Phillips

Dreams Come True - Ryan Davis

Help 4 Heroes - Jeff Coverdale

Mind - Adam Clark

Prostate Cancer UK - Danny Langhorn

Sheffield Childrens' Hospital - Andy Barton


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