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Allstars smash through £60k barrier

Allstars smash through £60k barrier

The UK Charity Allstars committee is delighted to announce that we have not only reached, but smashed through the £60k fundraising milestone for our tenth anniversary event.

This is an incredible achievement by our fundraisers and we give our sincere thanks to each and every Allstar who has contributed to this amazing number.

To put the work by all involved into context, this time last year £47619 was raised so the desire is clearly with us all to pass last year’s total once again, and hit our new target for our anniversary weekend.

In fact so busy have our Allstars been this week the current total actually stands at an amazing £63,128.

Chairman Paul Sullivan said, 

‘Only a few years ago we would never have dreamed of reaching this amount by the end of the weekend – to be here in May is stunning, and a testament to how passionate our Allstars can be for their Charities. 

What we could achieve by the end of July is something truly special and we thank everyone who has helped get us here.’

While we' have been announcing sponsors and partners, there are still more to announce - as well as the full information for our Friday night event (including an official Guinness World Record attempt!)

So as we press on with the fundraising and event organising, once again – a huge thank you to you all for this amazing milestone in May!

Thank you,

The Allstars.

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