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Allstars say 'If you can play, you can play'

Allstars say 'If you can play, you can play'

The Allstars say, 'If you can play, you can play.'


The #Sheffield18 jerseys from Cross Check Clothing, designed by limegreentangerine, were unveiled for the first time at the launch event last evening in Sheffield.

We had previously announced that the collar feature would be a 'Matzka' logo, in support of former Cardiff Devil Scott Matzka, who has been so bravely battling ALS (Motor Neurone Disease as we in the UK call it) with his family.

But as you can see from this sneak of a Help 4 Heroes jersey, the Allstars are also supporting the YouCanPlay project, promoting inclusion in sport for the LGBTQ community.

The Allstars have always been staunchly inclusive of any player of any ability, but our inclusion does not end there.

Allstars Chairman Paul Sullivan commented:

I have been a passionate supporter of the YCP movement since hearing about it, and the Allstars supporting this most worthy of causes was of course easy for us to approve.

We believe if you can Fundraise, you can fundraise. If you can support a charity, you can support a charity. And of course: if you can play, you can play.

We are proud to have the YCP logo on all our player and official jerseys for the #Sheffield18 weekend and hope that we can in some small way promote the acceptance of everyone, in every way, in sport.'


For more information on the YouCan Play project, visit their website HERE

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