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Allstars head for £100k once more

The fundraising juggernaut keeps on rolling in 2019 as our amazing Allstars have raised well in excess of £90,000!

The incredible efforts of our players and fundraisers have not only continued, they have increased as we head to the weekend tournament, which will be held at the Viola Arena in Cardiff Bay and launch next Friday 26th July.

Allstars Chairman Paul Sullivan said:

'By now we really shouldn't be surprised by the commitment and goodwill of every single Allstars contributor but it still amazes us every year. The amount of great work our fantastic Charities can perform with these kinds of sums is, to each recipient of their hard work, immeasurable.

The entire Organising Committee extends a huge thank you to our Captains, players and all our contributors. Once again we have our sights set on raising over £100,000 and it seems nothing can stop the Allstars when they set their minds to a task. Thank you everyone, we can't wait to welcome you to the Viola Arena for the tournament next weekend.'


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