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£80,000 raised for #Cardiff19

£80,000 raised for #Cardiff19

Allstars smash through the £80k barrier for 2019

The UK Charity Allstars are thrilled to announce the fundraising efforts of our Allstars have already raised over £80,000 for our 2019 campaign.

The amount of pre-weekend events, fundraising appeals and effort put in by all our on and off ice Allstars is once again reaping rewards and proving what an incredible community exists within Ice hockey and beyond.

The fundraising is ahead of the same time in 2018 and we know that more is yet to come from our 136 players and many more supporters and sponsors.

Allstars Chairman Paul Sullivan said:

'By now we really shouldn't be surprised by the efforts and the numbers involved in the Allstars, but it continues to amaze us all on the organising committee. The Originality and commitment of our fundraisers to take the charities beyond the weekend continue to keep the event fresh and are a powerful symbol of the good that can be done by a group of committed and well-minded people helping others.

We thank every Allstar and every donor. There are so many deserving causes out there and raising this amount of money becomes harder year on year so we hope they are all justly proud of their continued success.'

More information about the weekend, including the social events, will be forthcoming and we cannot wait to celebrate the amazing achievements of our Allstars from 26th-28th July at the Viola Arena in Cardiff Bay.

From all the Allstars organisers - Thank you!

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