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£106,000 raised makes #Cardiff17 most successful Allstars year ever!

£106,000 raised makes #Cardiff17 most successful Allstars year ever!

#Cardiff17 is officially a record breaker, surpassing the £105,000 mark set last year - before the weekend even begins!

The UK Charity Allstars are delighted to announce that this year's efforts for #Cardiff17 have, with two weeks two go before the main event, beaten all previous fundraising efforts. At time of writing our incredible Allstars have raised the staggering amount of £106,650!

This means that in the ten years of supporting our many great causes, a decade of Allstars have raised over £421,000.

Allstars Chairman Paul Sullivan said:

'We're still processing this information - it's mind blowing! We've had a sense for some time of monitoring the fundraising that we could be in the amazing position of beating last year's total before the weekend, but we never thought it would be done so quickly.

For context, this figure does not include any ticket sales for the Pro Allstars game, or admission money for the weekend, jersey sales, raffles - none of the weekend's actual fundraising. This is all from the efforts of our incredible Allstars players, sponsors and partners.

Each year we try to think of how we could surpass the previous total, and each year it gets more and more difficult so to see this achievement so early on is just breathtaking.

We could never thank everyone sufficiently for their amazing efforts but from all the Allstars organisers - thank you.

Our next challenge is to see just how much we can support our (this year 10) Charities. We know how passionate our Allstars are about their causes, so we cannot wait to see what the final kick as we head to the Allstars weekend brings.'

The 2017 Allstars weekend begins on Friday 28th July, 7:30pm with a Pro Allstars game of current and former pro Ice Hockey players, and then the main tournament itself is played out on Saturday and Sunday from Midday, all at Ice Arena Wales in Cardiff Bay.

Tickets for the Friday are available HERE and from the Arena in person, £10 adult and £5 for Children and concessions. Entry for the weekend can be bought on the Friday night, and on the door over the weekend. Admission is £3 per day or £5 for both tournament days.

For any other queries please email info@UKcharityallstars.com 




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